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Our Story

        Dan Cochrane grew up as one of the best junior tennis players in Great Britain before coming to the U.S to play college tennis for Auburn University in 2011. While at Auburn he became the No.1 ranked doubles player in the nation, an All-American and an All-American Champion. After graduating with a 4.0 GPA in Finance he decided to pursue the business side of tennis and moved to New York to work at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy where he came became a prominent Director within a couple of months. Four years later, at 26 years old, Dan became the youngest Country Club Director in the U.S as he joined Old Oaks Country Club in Westchester, NY as their Director of Racquet Sports. In his 3.5 years at Old Oaks he doubled the size of the tennis program and brought Pickleball, Paddle Tennis and Table Tennis all to the Club. Dan was one of the first Directors to introduce Pickleball within New York as he was excited by its social core and a lack of complexity that recreational tennis can struggle with. His love of the sport grew so much that he soon began making plans of his own dedicated Pickleball Club and after a visit to Austin in 2021 during the pandemic, he found just the place and started construction of the Rose Racquet Club in June, 2022.

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